Dienstag, 22. April 2014

Sea Heaven

hi my dear friends...the last time I have a lot of complains about my Houses..about the downloads...I am really sorry....
but you have to know that I am not a Computerfreak I am an old 57 year old woman who is happy to make Houses for your Sims and I have no Idea why it DON`T work..sorry sorry..

please understand me...and when the DL is not working take my Houses for your inspiration..

Thank you.....and a big kiss


Anonym hat gesagt…

Hello! I found your blog a while ago and downloaded instantly few houses for my Sims. I adore your work, these houses are amazing and nothing like I've had before. I'm so thankful to you that these are free to download. I'd love to see more modern homes from you, maybe little starter- houses!

Keep up the good work ;)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Many many thanks for that wonderful house! I like all your stuff and downloaded them nearly all!

Nobody is too old for the Sims :-)

My aunt is 52 years old and we play many times with the Sims3!

All the best for you!

best wishes Florian